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Personalized Classes: in your own home or mine 


Yoga Party

Having a get together with family or friends?  Create a memorable experience in your home that no one forgets.  Have Juels design a session that meets your needs whether it's a small, intimate group of two indoors by the fireplace or a large reunion outside on the beach.

Private Asana Class

Yoga made easy...From Basic Yoga (for those new to the practice) through Power Yoga (for those who would like to push their physical edge), let Juels design a program to meet your personal wellness needs.​ A typical group session includes a centering, warm-up, assorted yoga postures, followed by a relaxing cool down. Through a one on one session, develop your alignment, increase your range of motion, explore pranayama or meditation and deepen your awareness of body, mind and spirit.  

Yoga Nidra

Ever wish for more hours in the day?  One yoga Nidra session is equivalent to three hours of sleep! Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation done in a reclined position, which releases stored tensions and revitalizes the bodies own healing properties.  Yoga Nidra combats the effects of cumulative daily stress by making physiological changes in your body; decreasing cortisol levels while releasing melatonin and serotonin.  Simply by lying there you can reduce belly fat!  Yoga Nidra affects all levels of the being including the physical self, the emotional self and the mental self. 

Therapuetic Yoga 

Have you recently experienced a life change?  Do you suffer from chronic pain?  Do you have special needs that prevent you from attending a yoga studio?  Set up an initial consultation to learn how therapuetic yoga can meet your individualized needs and bring you back to center.  


Feed Your Soul

Short on time?  Let's do lunch!  All of the above options can be done at your home or office during your lunch hour.


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