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Meet Juels


Juels Larson’s life mission has always been to help others believe in themselves.  A retired school teacher, she is a dedicated Buddhist who started her practice at the age of 14.  Her spirited Buddha nature has filled her life with overwhelming compassion and love for all living things.  Juels stumbled upon a yoga studio opening up in her neighborhood and began a personal yoga practice in 2003.  Once she realized the impact yoga had on her life, she started studying and sharing the yogic traditions with others.  


In both her gentle and vigorous classes, Juels focuses on using yoga as a tool to heal the body, mind and spirit. She teaches how yoga can reverse the effects of time on the body and help us to live more mindfully; creating a greater sense of happiness and ease both on and off the mat. As a former collegiate athlete, Juels understands the need to focus the mind to help the body perform at optimum levels.  Juels’ strength in explaining the nuances of yoga postures can be seen in her chair yoga video “Ageless Movement & Breath” which includes adaptations for those with spinal chord injuries.



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