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Corporate Wellness: at your place of work


Stress reduction made easy...on site yoga to meet the needs of your employees.  From Basic Yoga (for those new to the practice) through Power Yoga (for those who would like to push their physical edge), let Juels design a program to meet the needs of your team.

Gentle Yoga

Does your staff need time to unwind at the end of the day?  Gentle Yoga may be just for you.  This class combines simple stretching, breath work and basic yoga postures to build strength.  Your employees will leave happy and get home on time to spend more time with their families.

Classic Yoga

Is your team looking for a lifetime exercise program? Classic Yoga takes the elements found in Gentle Yoga to a more challenging level. All basic yoga postures will be introduced as well as a variety of breathing techniques.  Postures will be held for a longer period of time to increase strength and flexibility. Participants will leave feeling centered and strong.

Vinyasa Flow

Do your employees need to move to quiet the mind after a busy day? Vinyasa flow allows you to do just that. Vinyasa flow combines movement with breath. It's most commonly practiced by those who are physically fit or already have a foundation in classic yoga. However, if this speaks to you, Juels can design an all levels flow to meet the needs of your participants. 

Yoga Nidra:
Feed Your Soul

Does your staff need a mid-day pick me up? A 45 minute yoga Nidra session is equivalent to three hours of sleep! It's a perfect wellness program that can be offered during the lunch hour. This guded meditation is done in a reclined position in casual work clothes. Yoga Nidra releases stored tensions, lowers cortisol levels and revitalizes our bodies own healing properties.  Following on-site lunch time Nidra a participant said, "I feel light and energized"...and this was on a Friday afternoon!

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